Oral Presentations

Oral presentations within a Working Group are expected to 15 to 30 minutes duration, which includes questions. Final time table for each presenter will be decided by each WG conveners. Invited plenary talks have been allocated 35 minutes, except for the opening talk which has 45 minutes.

Note that the computers used for the beamer presentations will be PCs with Windows XP installed. Powerpoint and PDF are the supported formats for presentations.
However, in exceptional circumstances authors will be permitted to use their own Linux or Macintosh computers, but should first contact the Presentation Officer before the Workshop begins.

Please refer to  ERL2011 Indico page for complete time table with the title of the talk and speaker's name. Details of each working groups are also listed there.
Note that the username and password are required to enter the page due to the security policy of KEK. Please read the pop-up dialog carefully, and enter the password. Sorry for your inconvenience.