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Overview of Timetable

Please refer to  ERL2011 Indico page for complete time table with the title of the talk and speaker's name. Details of each working groups are also listed there. Parallel rayout of ERL2011 Indico page is here.
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Invited speakers

  field of subject title speaker
1 WG1 DC-SRF photocathode injector for ERL at Peking University Kexin Liu (Peking Univ.)
2 WG2 Three-Dimensional Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Calculations B. Carlsten (LANL)
3 WG3 Recent progress in superconducting cavity production E. Kako (KEK)
4 WG4 Operations, Controls and Diagnostics for High Power Electron Injectors B. Dunham (Cornell)
5 WG5 Beam Halo Management C. Mayes (Cornell)
6 application/diversification Ultrafast Science with ERL S. Adachi (KEK)
7 application/diversification Summary of coherent X-ray workshops at Cornell G. Hoffstaetter (Cornell)
8 application/diversification Applications of high-brightness gamma-rays from ERLs T. Hayakawa (JAEA)
9 application/diversification A Review of X-Ray FEL Oscillator R&D K-J. Kim (ANL)
10 project overview ERL for light sources G. Hoffstaetter (Cornell)
11 project overview ERLs in the High Energy and Nuclear Physics V. Litvinenko (BNL)


Working Groups
Working Group 1 (WG-1): Electron Sources

WG-1 Charge: Electron Sources (43KB)




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